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The Internet opens up the whole world for your content. For individual creators, filmmakers, distributors, communities, sports and entertainment brands, any other content owners: Gbox helps you building a thriving video business with its patented technology, best-in-class infrastructure and unique tools to develop your audience.

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New Media Entrepreneurs.

The ideal solution for filmmakers, educational content curators, viral video stars and more

Gbox allows you to easily build an elegant video centric site and earn income from your movie, series or video views. Launching an online VOD channel, managing syndication partnerships and gaining direct consumer access are now possible for a fraction of the time, cost, and control required by other platforms.

Gbox also provides you the tools to develop your audience. For instance, you can use your existing customers to promote your videos through their social connections and send more viewers your way. If you want to participate in our unique and upcoming distribution program you can apply here to be put on the early beta list.

Jasmine Choi professional video creator on Gbox

Jasmine Choi

HullFC professional sports club on Gbox

Hull FC

The Ideal Solution for Established Brands with Video

If your organization manages a sports or entertainment brand, non-profit, news site, or you have a film library and want to launch a SVOD/VOD channel with it - then Gbox is the right solution for you! You can set up multiple editors who can manage your content. They can upload videos and trailers, change meta descriptions, pick from our variety of business models and set pricing for your videos. In addition, Gbox provides sales statistics and insights to your customers, as well as information about who they are and how to directly connect with them.

Gbox doesn’t promote competitor’s content next to yours - everything is in your brand’s environment. You are given the power to decide when and where your content is distributed and what other brands or advertisers - if any - may be associated with it.

The Complete Platform for Content Networks and Communities

Gbox provides everything you need to offer content exactly how your consumers want it - targeted to their tastes, uninterrupted, easily accessible, and associated with a brand or community that understands them.

You are given the power to decide when and where content is distributed, how it is priced, and what other brands or advertisers - if any - can be associated with it. Gbox doesn’t promote competitor’s content next to yours, and we allow you to see exactly who is watching your content so you can directly interact with viewers.

Gbox advantages include an HTML5 player, secure payment processing, access to customer data, geo restrictions, and more.

Life is Music video channel on Gbox


sell your videos using multiple payment options

Choose from a variety of business models

Enjoy full flexibility to control and maximize your revenue streams. Have a series of videos? Utilize season passes to sell them in bundles. Want to sell in countries with low purchasing power? Try Micropayments starting as little as one cent (or international currency equivalent).

Pay Per Video




Pay What You Want


Season Passes


Understand and engage with your viewers directly

Gbox provides deeps insights into sales and customer information. You can download email addresses and sales data to utilize in any CRM system. A broad set of dashboards helps you to quickly and easily identify what is important to run your video business.

Direct access to names & emails of your viewers

Store address, phone number, country and more.

See last activity, purchase history, and more.

Export viewers to CSV.

Direct to customer engagement

Distribute Your Content Wherever You Want

Distribute your content directly where you want, such as your own blog or website. Gbox is not a walled garden. Give your consumers to the ability to distribute your content for you.

Self video distribution with Gbox
"With Gbox, my brand is better connected with my audience, I have more of a sense of community and can operate at a higher level of efficiency"

The Life Detox video expert on GboxMelody Jones, Founder & CEO, The Life Detox


Viewer CRM

Fully featured customer management portal

Sales Tracking

Track and grow your video sales


Allow viewers to send free promo videos

Video Storage

Securely store your videos in the cloud

Channel Sites

Dedicated channel websites

Fast Video Delivery

Fast CDN delivery of your videos

Micro Payments

No minimum transaction size

Easy Checkout

Easy one step checkout for viewers

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